Posts published on February 2013

Moving pictures

Movies. I’ve been watching Hollywood movies lately. Ten in total. Contagion (a static observation how today’s society would function during a deadly pandemic), Broken Flowers (a very odd take on relationships during life), Crash (small, intersecting social and racial strains among the people of Los Angeles), Anna Karenina (movie adaption of Tolstoy’s novel), Brokeback Mountain … [ read more » ]

Wire and visual noise

Time, it moves. Time for a blog entry. I finished the fourth and fifth season of The Wire. They were good, but not as good as the first three ones in my opinion (I didn’t find Marlo’s gang to be that interesting and the plot was starting to fall apart anyway). Still, very good tv-series. … [ read more » ]

A night at the theatre

Last week’s special activity was going to see a theatre act at KOM teatteri with my commune mates. I hardly knew anything about the play – which was based on a book about problem families – called Karkkipäivä (Candy day). The play itself was solidly decent, but simply just going to see some modern drama … [ read more » ]