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Few movies I've watched recently.

Few movies I’ve watched recently.

Movies. I’ve been watching Hollywood movies lately. Ten in total.

Contagion (a static observation how today’s society would function during a deadly pandemic), Broken Flowers (a very odd take on relationships during life), Crash (small, intersecting social and racial strains among the people of Los Angeles), Anna Karenina (movie adaption of Tolstoy’s novel), Brokeback Mountain (a romantic, but problematic relationship between two men) and the whole Lord of the Rings extended trilogy (I think it will take at least ten years before I agree on watching them again after that overdone marathon).

In addition to the above, I also watched two Charlie Chaplin classics: Gold Rush and Modern Times. I really can’t remember when was the last time I saw these. It was amazing to notice how often I laughed out loud during these films, but also how timeless they are. Great movies.

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