Posts published on July 2013

The return of the game controller

This summer has been quite hot, which is nothing to complain about in Finland. Bearing this in mind, it is quite odd that during this time of year when being outdoors is very enjoyable, I still ended up buying a game console and soon after that a television too. Well, as a former owner of … [ read more » ]

Tall Ships in Helsinki

The past few days I’ve been quite active in seeing the Tall Ships Races Helsinki 2013 event. I’m not really into sailing and I don’t know anything about ships, but it was a way to pass time and just feel the pleasant vibe around it. It drew pretty big crowds, so no wonder it will … [ read more » ]

Vacation mode

The past two weeks I’ve been on vacation, hence the lack of updates here. The vacation plan itself has been a fail safe one by being mostly at the country side. I also made a quick ferry visit to Stockholm so that I can claim I was abroad too, even if it was for just … [ read more » ]