Posts published on January 2013

Documentary week

This week, I’ve been mostly watching documentaries. At the Helsinki documentary festival named Docpoint, to be exact. I’ve never been to this particular movie festival before, so I thought this was a good opportunity to be active in a different way. In total I saw four documentaries (I was supposed to see five, but remembered … [ read more » ]

Cake skill unlocked

Time of truth, so what have I’ve been up to lately? Have I been active like I’ve aimed to be? Or have I just let a week just slip away? Questions that have been circling around everyone’s head ever since I started this blogging project. Pretty much the highlight of the week must be the … [ read more » ]

Activity year

At the start of the year I was thinking about starting a new one-photo-a-day 365-project, but that failed right after I forgot to take a shot of the second day. So much for that, then. I still want to have some “theme” for the year and since in my previous post I wrote about just … [ read more » ]

Random moments from last year

These years sure go by fast, don’t they? At the start of 2012, my main goal was to find a new job, which to my delight I also managed to achieve. I still find myself being grateful for that. For this year I haven’t announced any goals in public, but basically I’d just like to … [ read more » ]