Posts published on March 2013

Holding back

Saw Fields of the Nephilim last weekend. They were one of the first gothic bands I listened to back some twenty years ago,  so it was great to finally experience their music live, even though I wasn’t much of a fan of their newer material. One thing I did regret about the gig was first … [ read more » ]

Music listening sessions

Recent activities have been related to music. Last weekend I went to see Eva & Manu at Gloria. Nice gig, just as expected. I’ve seen them once before back in the summer of 2011 pretty much by accident, as I was called there on a short notice to photograph the gig by a friend who … [ read more » ]

Time Lapsing

I’ve owned an old Canon IXUS compact camera for over five years and only now I noticed I can take time lapse videos with it. I’ve always been interested in these kinds of videos, so naturally I’ve been fiddling around trying out different shots like day breaks, street traffic and tea leaves opening up in … [ read more » ]