Posts published on April 2013

Animation on the big screen

I went to see a bunch of short animation films at the Animatricks movie festival. Some were good, some were tiresome, some were okay. In general, it felt a bit like watching the same kind of material I can watch on Vimeo and sure enough when I checked for more information online, some of them … [ read more » ]

Towards spring

Nothing much happened lately. Quite busy at work. Spring has come (well, at least thermal spring in Helsinki), which always comes with annoying street dust in the air. Watched a few movies, among which I liked Mullholland Drive the most, even though it mostly didn’t make any sense. I also started to read Haruki Murakami‘s … [ read more » ]

Skiing and stargazing

For Easter I went to the countryside and did some cross-country skiing. I think I haven’t skied this much for at least a decade. It was pretty relaxing stuff, most likely will do it again next winter. Since the sky was very clear every day, I decided to give a try in photographing star skies … [ read more » ]