About me


Hi there. My name is Toni (friends know me better as Ude). I’m a 40-something former draftsman and web designer living in Helsinki, Finland. I’ve been irregularly blogging since the year 2000 (sorry, the early stuff has been archived offline).

My current job is marketing the capital of Finland online.

Hobbies include(d) drawing with pencils, painting with water colours, listening to music, taking photographs, drinking tea, learning Japanese and many things related to Japan in general. I even wrote a travelogue of my first trips there.

You can catch or follow me via Twitter, Flickr and Instagram.

Oh, despite the blog’s name Merciful House, I’m not a religious person. I’ve had a website since the 90s and I just happened to name it that (it is a variation of Merciful Release, a music label related to the band Sisters of Mercy, one of my favourite bands back then).

Blog is riddled with spelling mistakes due to my laziness, deal with it.

Umm, whadaya lookin’ at?