Posts published on July 2009

From nothing to animated image

The initial sketch I did with my wacom and photoshop (A4 sized).

Over a month ago, one afternoon while just idling on my sofa wondering what to do, I suddenly got up, grabbed my Wacom-tablet’s pen and started to draw something in Photoshop. It didn’t matter what, I just wanted to do something creative instead of wasting the day away. After some no-brainer sketching, I ended up … [ read more » ]

A few watercolour paintings

I might as well throw in some watercolour paintings I did while I was in the countryside. I’ve been painting with watercolours for two years weekly during spring and autumn courses, but hardly by myself at all. Now that I was away from other distractions, I found myself painting quite often, which I didn’t mind … [ read more » ]

Few summer photos

Relaxing lake scenery

I just uploaded some photos I took while in the countryside. Not that many this time around as I tend not to take photos that I feel I’ve already taken before. I really should reinvent my style of photography somehow. Maybe it will happen now since I broke my trusty EF 35mm f2.0 lens, which … [ read more » ]