Posts published on May 2012

A day by the hour project

This was an experimental project I did about two years ago. I forgot all about it only to rediscover it again now while going through my image folders. The idea was simple: take a photograph every hour of the day and see what the result is. As an afterthought, I spiced and lightened things up … [ read more » ]

The final days of the old Internet Explorer regime

Almost three years ago, after publishing the current theme for this site, I wrote about the typical headaches Internet Explorer 6 caused and wished it would go away from bothering us web designers. Imagine, that browser was still relevant only two or three years ago! Well, years rolled on and now I hardly even test … [ read more » ]

Loyal servant of music listening

I started wondering how long I’ve actually had my trusty Samsung YP-F1 mp3-player and it turned out I bought it during the summer of 2005. That’s almost seven years ago! The 1 gigabyte player cost me about 175 euros back then. A similar Samsung product now on sale with 2 gigabytes costs 35 euros (of … [ read more » ]