Posts published on May 2013

Summer phase

I just did a short running session and I was surprised how smoothly it went. I guess those yoga sessions are starting to take effect. I haven’t noticed any major improvements yet in flexibility (or in the state of mind), but my breathing was become slightly deeper. Or at least I haven’t been able to … [ read more » ]

Entering Yoga

This weekend I took an Ashtanga Yoga beginner’s class at a nearby yoga school. It was divided into three days and went through the familiarizing the basic moves, sequences (such as the Sun Salution) and naturally general information of yoga. It was well worth the time. Now I can go to the very beginner yoga … [ read more » ]

Short break

Since Ascension Day is a public holiday, I decided to take Friday free from work too, allowing myself a long weekend with absolutely no plans. I just wanted to let myself take a break from work and just be for a moment. I still had to do some small out-of-my-day-job web projects, but luckily they … [ read more » ]

Stretching sessions

Spring has pretty much arrived now. I really enjoy the clear increase in sunlight, the cool temperatures and rain don’t bother me that much. Lately I’ve found myself trying out yoga, but instead of doing it in a group with a teacher, I’ve been doing it alone at home with the assistance of an application … [ read more » ]