A day by the hour project

This was an experimental project I did about two years ago. I forgot all about it only to rediscover it again now while going through my image folders.

The idea was simple: take a photograph every hour of the day and see what the result is. As an afterthought, I spiced and lightened things up a bit by downloading a trial copy of Comic life and made a comic out of the photos.

The day itself was a rather forgettable one as a freelance web designer when things are going slow. Although I had plenty of “free time” back then, it was all about fighting boredom and keeping oneself in check in order to get things done.

It was also a time when I was memorizing Japanese kanji the Heisig way (in short, learning to recognize and know the meaning of most of the used kanji in Japanese before learning how to spell them).

So here it is for those who are curious. I challenge you to try it yourself too, it just might underline things of your daily life you haven’t noticed before. I certainly got concerned how attached I was to my laptop (and made steps to change that behavior afterwards).

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