Time to start updating myself

Last year was crap, honestly speaking. It didn’t go as planned. But, the past is the past and nothing can be done about that. No use moaning.

This year things will be different and I’ll start getting stuff done. I’m going to re-evaluate the old self part by part, then one by one improve each aspect when possible, making frequent updates throughout the year. Most importantly, I’ll keep a close eye on how things are improving so that there will be a constant focus instead of just forgetting it all.

Of course, I’m not expecting I will change overnight. That will be plain impossible. It will take time, most likely longer than one year, but the most important thing is that I start doing things in small steps.

So for starters I will clarify to myself my goals, write them down and stick to them as well as I can. I’ll try to keep them simple in the beginning so that I don’t frustrate myself right away.

The goals will be related to health, relations, skills and knowledge. There will be physical improvements (read: the gym), eating better (and cooking more), more consistent meditation, more reading (useful stuff, that is), being more active in social life and going abroad at least once this year (didn’t go anywhere last year).

In order to get that feeling I’m heading somewhere, I set up a profile on a time management application called Habitica. Time will tell will it have any impact, but if a gamification concept worked for me to run more with Nike Running, maybe this will help me with other tasks.

One delayed project I’ll also undertake is going slowly through all the “1001 albums I must hear before I die”. Therefor the past two days I’ve been listening to Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, Louis Prima and the Louvin Brothers. The 50s will get familiar to me in the coming weeks.

Anyway, interesting year ahead. Hopefully this one is something I can feel good about.

This book will be dictating quite a lot what I'll be listening to for awhile.

This book will be dictating quite a lot what I’ll be listening to for a moment.

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