A month of changes

Okay, since I declared earlier that I will need to step up my game in improving myself, let me take a look what has happened so far.

The gym. I finally bought a gym pass and not only that, I’ve also been going there three times a week. Really pleased I got this thing going, making a gym plan helped a lot (something I never did before). I should do other forms of exercise too however, I’m thinking yoga again and running as soon as the weather allows it.

I’m also happy to announce that I have flight tickets for a destination later this summer. So that is another box checked in the to-do list.

I’ve also set some daily tasks. While some I’ve failed to do daily (mainly reading a book), so far I haven’t missed a day meditating for at least 15 minutes. Okay, the quality of meditation isn’t so great (the mind, it is restless), but at least I got myself into the habit again. Too early to claim any benefits of the practice yet, though.

Uncharted albums and documentaries on the big screen

On the educational front, I’ve listened to a lot of albums I haven’t heard before, thanks to the ongoing “1001 albums I should listen to”-project. Plenty of interesting albums so far (and some that I hardly can recall). This will be a long, long project however …

In other activities, I’ve been watching a lot of film documentaries at the DocPoint festival. My selection of films turned out to be a bit disappointing in the beginning, but later on documentaries like Cartel Land, The Wolfpack and Don Juan salvaged most of the losses in the end.

Some plans got a promising start, but fizzled away later on. I tried to be more active in the kitchen and managed to make a salad and some spinach pancakes, but soon I forgot about that project completely. I simply need to plan more in advance and take it in smaller steps.

Beginnings of a bass guitarist

The upcoming month will be a special one in my activities as I’ll practice to play a bass guitar! Lately I’ve wanted to learn to play some instrument, but ending up with a bass guitar was a result of pure random factors and far from a primary choice.

One thing that always bothered me a bit when playing with my game console was that all that time spent on mastering a game doesn’t have much value in real life. So when I heard about Rocksmith, a game that helps anyone to learn to play any real electric guitar or bass, I thought this might give my console some genuine use.

After buying the game I still needed a guitar. I compared various options, but once I started worrying that my interest might fade away quickly and I would have a guitar collecting dust, I opted to borrow an unused bass guitar from a friend to see how things might work out.

I’ve only had the bass guitar for two days and while I totally suck at playing it (what would one expect from a complete beginner), I’ve been eager to master the basics. We shall see have I given up on the whole thing or made any improvements from a month from now.

So, a rather promising start for the year (other than the passing of my hero David Bowie, that was totally unexpected). I’ll have to keep a close eye that I don’t overbook myself with activities though, as on the other hand I need to reserve time to rest and remain social as well.

Oh yeah, and my character in Habitica has just reached level 5. Progress in the virtual world too.

Cloud installation at Lux Helsinki, the annual light festival in Helsinki.

Cloud installation at Lux Helsinki, the annual light festival in Helsinki.

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