Autumn writings

The (quite strange) year is winding down, so time to write down some random thoughts again just for show.

David Bowie’s new single Blackstar is in my mind one of the best tracks he has released for some twenty years. It is unusual, yet very listenable and I totally dig the music video too.

In fact, I was so impressed when I heard it the first time, that I pre-ordered the album right away with three lithographs. Can’t help being a Bowie fan, I guess.

So what else have I been up to this autumn? Apart from my trademark answer of working, I spent a considerable amount of time playing Civilization V, the mother of all world domination strategic turn-based computer games. I knew what I was up against when I downloaded it and soon enough I has in that “just one more turn” hook. I’ve been clean for a month now however and counting.

When it comes to video games, I’ve only completed Life is Strange this year. It is one of those cinematic story driven games where you make choices that affect the outcome of the game in the end.

What made this different from other video games I’ve played was the young, fragile female lead character. Such a refreshing and interesting change from the usual male hero approach.

Generally speaking about this autumn however, it hasn’t been an easy one for various reasons, but I’m confident everything will eventually get better again soon. I won’t take other options, thank you.

#Helsinki, as wet as a fresh waterpainting. #waterlogue

One of many images I’ve “painted” with an iPhone app called Waterlogue. Pretty nifty!

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