Where am I?

The headstock of the bass guitar I’ve been playing with.

Been awhile since I’ve written anything here. Time to break the silence by typing what ever my fingers feel like writing.

In my previous post I mentioned getting a bass guitar. After the initial excitement and interest, I’ve hardly been playing it the past month. I do have a much better understanding of playing one (which wasn’t really a hard thing to do, since I knew nothing about playing any instrument basically). I guess one major problem is that the guitar is right-handed while I’m the opposite, so keeping a steady ryhthm is quite challenging.

Still, I do grab the guitar from time to time just to amuse myself, so I guess I do have some sort of musical hobby now.

I’ve also been going to the gym almost three times a week. No, I’m not completely “ripped” and with the rather vague training program and food diet I don’t think it will ever happen. Honestly speaking, I’m just happy I have a simple and quick place to go when bored (and that apparently happens often in my case).

Meditation? Complete disaster. It’s funny how just missing it once after maintaining an almost three month streak makes the whole routine collapse and now I’m struggling to put myself together just to sit down. I can’t say that I noticed any benefits of mediation during those months when I could sit down, but it does feel like a small victory each time that I can just stay put for 15 minutes.

Oh, that 1001 albums project? Forgot about that after my Spotify subscription ended.

So after declaring a year of changes, things are falling apart again. But I won’t give up this early. I just need to take a deep breath and simply try again.

But I really could enjoy a vacation more than anything else at the moment. I’m drained.

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