Halfway the 365 project

Six months has passed since I started my new 365-project and so far I haven’t missed a day, which is by itself a fine achievement! Two of five friends are still in the game too, so there is a decent chance at least one of us reaches the finish line six months later.

A set of photos taken during this 365-project.

Most of the photos taken during the 365-project so far.

Thoughts? Tough project as expected so far. Especially for a guy like me who wants to come up with a good photo. But I’m slowly learning it’s okay to post average photos too. “This is a marathon, not a sprint”, said one my friends at some point.

How has the project affected my daily life? I’ve done a lot of walking outdoors. So far I’ve only taken ONE photo in my apartment (and that was because of a food poisoning). This is a vast improvement from the previous 365-project back in 2008, where roughly 1/3 of the photos were taken at home. Of course, I might get lazy later on …

Anything negative? The time taken in choosing a photo for each day, polishing them on a computer and typing in the details on Flickr is annoying sometimes. No wonder Instagram is popular, because it removes these tedious old school steps.

What about the Sony DSC-RX100M2 camera? The compact form factor of the camera is perfect for this project. It slips easily into my coat pocket and rarely is left home. The camera’s full auto setting is superb as it can guess what to do in most situations, but I think I’ve been using it too much. I really need to start using the manual controls more, which is one of the reasons I bought it.

Image quality is also great considering its size. I’ve been shooting in jpeg-mode most of the time, but in some cases during post-production I have noticed the limitations it raises (compression artifacts in the sky for instance).

So why not shoot in RAW then? There are two problems. With my Canon 400D I always shot in RAW, but that is a 10-megapixel camera that produced file sizes around 8-10MB. With the RX100M2 boasting a 20-megapixel sensor, the RAW file sizes are around a whopping 20MB!

To make things a bit more complicated, my current old Adobe Creative Suite CS4 doesn’t support the RAW format directly, so I’m forced to convert them into Adobe’s DNG-format before I can edit them. Another extra step for the workflow then. Oddly enough, these DNG-files are also slightly larger than the original ones even though Adobe promises the opposite.

Enough complaints, any rewards? Lots of photos I wouldn’t have taken under normal circumstances. If the camera’s photo numbering is correct, I’ve taken over 5000 photos so far. Among them there are a decent amount of good photos I haven’t published yet because I want to stick to the one photo per day limit for now (and also I simply don’t have time for more). Plenty of post-production material for those rainy days next year then!

Overall the photos I’ve taken so far are generally better than what I took back in the 2008 take, so maybe I’ve learned something during all these years. I’ve mostly done outdoor photography with nothing particular in mind, but I think I should do some theme planning, be more experimental and try out other styles of photography to make it through the last six months ahead.

Then I’ll probably stay away from cameras for a few weeks.

Photo number 168

Photo number 168

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