Over 8000 image files later

The year changed, which is something I’m sure most of us have noted. Better write something.

For me, 2014 was all about photography with the 365-project I started with a couple of friends. Three of us made it to the end. Although I was happy to use the camera again, the project wasn’t exactly something I would recommend to anyone interested in photography. Especially on a “just shoot anything” game plan. Sure, it sounds easy and is easy, but is it something that would keep your genuine interest alive for a year? Not in the long run.

What was a success with the project that I hardly took any photos at home. A majority were taken in the streets of downtown Helsinki. I’ve never taken so many photos in the street before. On the other hand, people were rarely the topic in my photos, which was a pity, as it was again a respect of privacy kind of thing.

So what now? For three days I haven’t taken a single photo and I’m not in a hurry. My mind is still scanning for something to photograph when I’m outdoors, but maybe it will allow other thoughts drift inside me again after a week or so.

Right now I’ll enjoy my break and maybe later this year I can view the photos with a pair of fresh eyes and mind.

The Gulf of Finland on a windy winter day.

The Gulf of Finland on a windy winter day.

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