365 photos in one year

So I’ve started a new 365-project for this year. Take (at least) one photo a day throughout the entire year 2014. 15 days done, 350 to go.

Luckily I’m not alone with this one, as five friends have decided to join the challenge. I have to say that this motivates us all to stick to the project instead of just giving up after one missed day. Getting feedback, supporting each other and just having fun together is great.

One main difference compared to the previous 365-project way back in 2008 is trying to avoid taking photos at home, forcing myself to take outdoor shots than usual. Looking good so far in that respect.

I have to say that so far I’m very satisfied with my Sony RX100M2 camera. It really has a lot of punch for its size and is way more easily with me than a regular SLR-camera. So in hardware terms, this project will not fail because of that.

So what have I learned so far? Well, photographing is fun and making that extra bother in some situations does pay off sometimes. Post-production is time consuming, but can magically lift a bland photograph into new heights.

Click on the photo to view the set, I will be updating it at irregular intervals.

Quite possibly the best shot I've taken in this project so far, and a clear overall candidate for the whole year.

One of the most interesting  shots I’ve taken in this project so far.

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