Final straight

Hanging stars from the ceiling.

Hanging stars from the ceiling.

So the year is coming to a close, better write something.

As I planned at the beginning of the year, I aimed to write on a regular basis in this blog. More or less I managed to do so. No, I couldn’t keep up with the 10 day silence limit, but not there weren’t any month long pauses either. That is an achievement in itself, I thinks.

Blogging is hard, especially when I feel there isn’t anything to write about. I wanted to test if blogging by force would bring me out writing stuff I would have otherwise not bothered, but no. I’m simply not comfortable about writing basically anything in public.

Enough whine. So much for this blogging project of 2013 then. I will keep on blogging next year too, but way more rarely I thinks. However, I’m gearing up for another 365-project (one photo a day) for 2014, so I might make some simple update posts (maybe weekly) here.

It will be a tough project (I know from experience), but hopefully it will reignite my lost interest in photography (and prevent my new camera from becoming an expensive dust collector).

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