Breaking balls in Jersey and Christmas treats

Sopranos Box

Over 80 episodes with an average death rate of one per episode and general “ball breaking”.

Just finished my Sopranos marathon, six seasons in two months. It was entertaining to watch, but I wouldn’t rank it as the best tv-series created so far. It would fit into my top 10 easily, though I wonder could I actually list one right now since I’m not a heavy tv-series consumer.

Anyway, I think I’ll have to watch the Godfather movies again soon since the characters made references to them so often I regained my interest in these classics.

Today while I was wandering around my local library, I took a moment admiring a simple Christmas tree the staff brought inside the building. I then turned my attention towards a basket next to the tree full of gifts. They turned out to be wrapped library books with a description on each gift card to whom it would interest.

A christmas "gift" a picked from the local library.

A christmas “gift” I picked from the local library. Won’t open it before Christmas, I promise!

I thought it was a cool idea, so I picked up one of them. I was told I was the first one to grab one of these treats, but I hope others will too eventually.

It actually reminded me about a light hearted Christmas calendar (made out of post-it notes) that was set up with my co-worker at work, where the early bird of each day gets a small treat ranging from random discount coupons to candy or a folded origami.

A simple idea, but was well received in the office. Small karma points scored.

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