Festivals in Helsinki

Witnessed the Art Goes Kapakka opening choir event. It was a lovely thing to hear, gotta admit.

Witnessed the Art Goes Kapakka opening choir event. It was a lovely thing to listen to, I have to admit.

I wasn’t planning to go to one of the biggest festivals in Helsinki, known as Flow Festival, but after realizing I haven’t been there for five long years and I was dying of plain boredom during the weekend, I changed my mind and bought a Sunday ticket.

I have to say that the festival has grown a lot since my previous visit, and it was already pretty big back in 2008. It certainly is one of the most unique music festivals in Finland.

As for the artists during that day, some were just uninspiring or plain too awful to even mention, but the better ones were Godspeed you! Black Emperor, Grimes, Timo Lassy and the first half of Kraftwerk (their very subtle stage appearance – while cool in the beginning – started to work against them as the gig dragged on in its monotone setting).

Right now the Helsinki Festival is in full swing. I decided to take a blind shot and went to see avant garde vocalist Maja S. K. Ratkje’s performance while being tucked under her red dress (see the event description to understand what I’m taking about). While the setting and performance was very unusual, I noticed at some point my mind drift into completely different thoughts. I guess I have too much to think about these days.

In the future news, I’ve decided in addition to yoga, I’ll start taking Pilates classes as well. It will be interesting to compare them once it starts next month.

Speaking of yoga, it has been nice to notice that my flexibility improves ever so slightly every time. It is nice to have a hobby where progress is so clearly seen.

Finally, I decided to take a leap of faith and bought a one-year subscription discount of Sony’s Music Unlimited service, which is pretty much like Spotify, only a lot cheaper (3,5 euros vs. 10 euros). There are some good things about it, but also some needless annoyances that hamper the listening experience. I might write a more about this service later on.

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