Indoor gaming

I made a quick visit to Porvoo one weekend. Saw the old church.

I made a quick visit to Porvoo one weekend. Saw the old church.

Being at work, enjoying summer and playing video games. That pretty much sums up recent events.

Of some of the video games I’ve played, two have been the highly praised Indiana Jones styled Uncharted adventure games. While the games have been stunning graphically and especially the second one (Uncharted 2 : Among thieves) had beautiful cinema-like action sequences, in the long run I was really turned down by the endless killing of villains and getting trophies for shooting enough people or getting a fair amount of head shots in a row.

It really made me think about the moral state of gaming. It seemed like the developers of Uncharted felt embarrassed about it too, as towards the end of the game the main villain rightfully questioned the hero Drake (which I was playing) how he is any different from him, asking how many men has Drake killed today alone. Probably over a hundred. And according to the stats after I finished the game, Drake killed well over 700 villains.

Obviously not all games are like that and my faith towards video gaming was quickly restored once I started playing Journey, a simple, but smoothing quest to a mystic mountain top with an unknown partner (who is actually another player online). It was short, cryptic and wordless, but an enjoyable – well – journey.

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