Movies, photos and dancing

So it is September. Summer is bowing out and autumn preparing to take the stage.

I went to see an old classic (which I wasn’t actually aware of) named Koyaanisqatsi, which probably turned out to be the best film I’ve seen this year. The film didn’t have a storyline in the traditional sense, but more of a collection of landscapes, ordinary people and time lapsed footage backed up with music composed by Philip Glass.

It could have been a recipe of 86 minutes of boredom, but it managed to maintain my attention and made me wonder once again what are we as a human race trying to achieve collectively.

During the weekend I also found myself walking through a marshland into a small island in Helsinki, where an annual dance party (tango, waltz, polka and the lot) has held. Despite my initial plan just to be an observer of the event, I was caught dancing a few times too.

Great happening, thinking of going again next year.

An "artistic" snapshot of the dance party in the middle of nowhere.

An “artistic” snapshot of the dance party in the middle of nowhere.

I also caved in and bought a new compact camera to replace my five year old Canon IXUS 860IS, which was starting to show its age and got a nasty spot of dead pixels on its display screen. So I bought a highly praised Sony RX100 II, hoping it would inspire me to photograph again and make me explore the outdoors in a more observant fashion instead of not paying attention to it most of the time.

My new photo companion, taking a mirror reflection of itself.

My new photo companion, taking a mirror reflection of itself.

I’ve only had it for two days and snapped some hundred photos in full auto, but I must say as far as image quality goes, this can deliver impressive ones for its size. The camera itself felt a little too small for my hands at first, but I’ve quickly learned to forgive that as it is packed with some very interesting features. And oh do I like the rotatable display screen, it truly makes things easier when taking photos on ground level for instance.

The test photos below are taken full automatic (letting the camera decide what is the best approach) and with no post-processing (aside from resizing them). Overall, I have a hunch I’m going to like this camera.

So in a short period of time, I have bought a Sony PlayStation, a Sony Bravia television, subscribed to Sony’s Music Unlimited streaming service and now I own a Sony camera. I wonder if one day I’ll upgrade my mobile phone, will it be a Sony too …

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