History lectures and casual entertainment

Dark nights, rain and city lights. That is what Helsinki is mosty about late autumn.

Trying out something new – open university

This autumn I’ve been going to history lectures at the open university of Helsinki. Recently I’ve been interested in history, but I have a very bad overview of it. I might know snippets of trivia here and there, but I have trouble with the bigger picture. I’m hoping these lectures will help me on this. This was a bit of a hasty decision from me, but at least I have something to do. Will I ever do the actual assignments is another matter. I’m not planning to get a degree.

Staring at a flickering silver screen

I’ve also been doing my favourite pastime by going to the movies. The original Terminator movie was one of my all time favourites when I was younger and it was great to see it finally on the big screen.

Movies I’ve seen lately in cinema. I prefer to pick up a paper ticket when possible, since I like to have some physical documentation of the occasion.

Ad Astra was pleasantly downbeat, reminded me a bit of Interstellar and Solaris. I’ve seen Blade Runner tens of times, but it was still as beautiful as tedious at the same time. Aliens is probably still the best action-scifi movie I’ve seen.

No fun album, movie and concert: The Wall

Then there was Pink Floyd – The Wall. I did see it a long time ago on DVD but didn’t find it that memorable for some reason. Now that I saw the movie again on the big screen it made a completely different impact on me. Yes, it is uneven, but there were so many powerful moments as well, such as during the songs Goodbye Blue Sky and Bring the Boys back home. War is terrible.

The album itself was previously quite difficult for me to follow, but I understand its themes way better now (how wars tear families and how being a rock star alienates from normal life, both leading to soul-numbing isolation).

I also watched Roger Waters The Wall movie/concert on Bluray, which is basically a revisit to Pink Floyd’s The Wall tour back in 1980 with a much better technical stage show. Impressive film, even though some of the material was staged for the film.

Vinyl updates

While on the topic of music, I gave in and bought a few vinyl records after a longish break. One of them was a reissue of Led Zeppelin’s third studio album “III”. I actually had it on vinyl already, but the pressing left much to desire. The new one sounds so much better and as a bonus the cover faithfully replicates the original sleeve’s design by having a rotating disc that changes some of the imagery on various holes. Sort of a volvelle. I originally hated the messy cover design, but now seeing the original intended design I like it a bit more.

I’m a fan of Grimes, but mostly because of her delightfully original sounding album Visions (which in my opinion stands as one of the best albums I’ve heard this decade), Art Angels was a solid release too. So once the next album’s release date was announced, I pre-ordered the album right away to get a limited colour vinyl version of it. So quick I apparently was that I will even get it signed by the artist herself, which is nice. So even if the album turns out to be rubbish it will be a nice special addition to my collection.

I also noticed that this current version of the blog has now been online for ten years! During all that time I have had nothing of importance to write about yet somehow I’ve been posting random gibberish of my daily filtered life. Has this blog given me any joy? Well, sometimes I do go through these posts and wonder why I bothered with all this. But at least I can comfort myself by knowing I’ve tried to write something once in awhile. Better than nothing, I suppose.

I’ve lost count of times I’ve gone to watch a Circle live show during the past two years. Better enjoy them while it is possible!

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