Signs of activity

This blog was been left stone cold for too long. Time to whip a few lines of words on the digital canvas.

Way back I went to a dark room course. While it wasn’t the first one I’ve been to, it was still fun to go through the motions once again. It truly is an art of its own. It also requires a lot of time to invest, so having the negatives making it worth it are slim in my collection. Maybe some day again.

One of the photos I did in the darkroom. Taken with a Rolleicord.

I’ve also cooled down my vinyl collecting hobby quite a bit, buying only three in the past five months. It doesn’t mean I haven’t been listening to vinyl, I still spin the platter on a weekly basis.

David Bowie’s first album was one of the vinyls I’ve added to my collection this year.

Still go to gigs too, even went to Tampere to see Ektro Record’s first own mini festival, which consisted only of bands that have released material under the label. It was a mixed bag, but a perfectly expected one.

Going to gigs is still a pastime too. Here is Pakasteet feat. Draama Helmi at the Alt Ektro Festival Vol. 1.

Finally, I’ve moved into a new address in Helsinki. It was a forced (but welcomed) situation and I had bigger plans in mind, but this will be temporary solution, once again. How long this one will last remains to be seen.

Goodbye window neighbours. I’m off to a place where I can see the sky.

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