Past and future festivals

Various minor things done recently, let me type them out.

Only photo I took during Iggy's gig, I was too busy being blown away by his performance.

Only photo I took during Iggy’s gig, I was too busy being blown away by his performance otherwise.

First, I saw Iggy Pop live at the Flow Festival. He was awesome. Especially considering his age of 69. He held nothing back and the setlist was pretty much perfect (personal favourites included Sixteen, Mass Production, I wanna be your dog, Skull ring, Sunday etc. etc.). The other band I wanted to see was Savages, which were also great, although it felt a bit too calculated after Iggy’s performance. Glad I saw them too, though.

There were other bands as well, but they were just bonuses.

Savages' singer engaging with the audience.

Savages’ singer engaging with the audience.

Keeping myself in the festival zone (the word “festival” has a broad meaning these days though), I’ve also secured a ticket voucher for the upcoming Love & Anarchy International Film Festival and a season ticket to the Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra. So plenty of evenings I won’t be sitting at home, but somewhere else. I’ll count this as an improvement even though it is said sitting kills.

In the software and hardware department, I finally bought Lightroom 6 and a new pair of headphones (Sennheiser HD 598). I’m still getting used to the photo editing application, but I’m cautiously optimistic that it might encourage me to fiddle around and publish plenty of photographs lying in my hard drive.

As for the headphones (which I’m using as I’m writing this post), they are a pleasure to listen with. There is just something a bit more natural and light in the sound compared to the old Sony ones I used for maybe some 10 years. It might be possible I won’t be listening through my ordinary speakers for a while (which are probably close to 20 years old now when I think of it).

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