Just positive thoughts

Green tea (still) tastes good. Love and Anarchy Film Festival began. Went to a joga session today for the first time for at least a year, felt good. Reigns is an odd but refreshing gaming experience.

I’ve been rather consistent in getting up early for work. I also sleep quite well. The most likely album I choose to listen to at the moment is Art Angels by Grimes.

I’m writing this with my seven year old MacBook Pro, which Apple has declared as antique, yet I’m very happy with its performance. I bought my first Marimekko menswear this week, just for kicks.

I’m quite pleased I live in central Helsinki. I now prefer Lightroom 6 over Bridge CS4 as my primary photo-management software, some random samples below.

I know, kind of a crude bullet list post this time, but hey: positive writing for a change. Level up.

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