Uneventful times during extraordinary times

Ordinary summer evening scenery somewhere in North Karelia, Finland.

Casual blogging is so out of fashion these days, so I guess that is one of the reasons I still keep one. Well, at least this is ad free and doesn’t beg me to stay longer to read useless stuff.

The covid-19 pandemic hasn’t hit Finland as badly as in many other countries (knocks on wood), but it has affected my daily life nonetheless. I spend a lot of time at home due to working remotely and I haven’t been to a concert or movie theater for months now. Also, I think I’ve sat down in a restaurant in Helsinki probably only twice (takeaway has been more common).

Don’t stop the vinyl

So I haven’t been that interactive with society then. Of course this hasn’t stopped me from paying a visit to a few record stores to buy some grooved vinyl however. I even traded away some from my collection, since I felt they would serve better in someone else’s collection than mine. Not to mention the fear I’ll start hoarding if I don’t get into the habit of letting some go from time to time.

Another thing I did the first time was paying over 30 euros for a new vinyl album. I can only defend myself by saying it was a finely printed limited edition double LP (Pink Floyd’s “Division Bell”) and I wasn’t thinking straight. Then again, I’ll at least comfort myself by knowing that I’ve eliminated that annoying lingering feeling of “maybe I should have bought that album after all”.

Pink Floyd’s Division Bell is actually a pretty decent album considering it doesn’t have Roger Waters in the band anymore.

Stuff that kept me missing my bed time: Civilization VI and Breaking Bad

Some of my spare time I’ve spent playing Civilization VI. Even with all the expansions, I’m still not completely satisfied with the game. Poor AI opponent performance is one thing, but then there is a mild feeling that despite the complexity of the game, most of it doesn’t really matter in the end.

I guess I’ll have to take my game up to the most difficult settings to make every decision count. Or maybe just delete the whole game from my hard drive and save tons of time for something more meaningful. Like sleeping.

One of many cities I’ve built in Civilization VI, only to be forgotten weeks later after finishing a game.

I also managed to watch through all seasons of Breaking Bad. I’ve had the boxed set lying around my shelf for years, but after initially watching the first season and not being too impressed by it, I kind of forgot about it. Now I decided to watch it since it bothered me I bought something I haven’t watched.

Breaking Bad, all seasons on bluray. These steelbooks are pretty good looking, I have to say.

In the end it was a good run, even though I felt the plot twists were at times a bit sloppy for my taste (for entertainment purposes I understand the liberties taken). As I’ve mentioned before, I’m not a big fan of dedicating my time towards long tv-series, so it might be a while until I move onto something like Game of Thrones. Movies are more of my thing.

Health-wise, I’ve already run more kilometers than did last year. There is even a decent chance of topping the total amount of kilometers from 2018 if I can keep this going. If I manage to stay clear from the virus, that is.

So, all in all considering the situation globally, things have been going well. Hoping it stays that way.

I also managed to do some casual countryside bicycling during my summer vacation. Maybe next time I’ll even take a tent.

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