Flow in two forms

Summer is gone a long time ago, but I’ll still post some photos from the Flow Festival I went to this year too. It wasn’t a memorable one this time, since there were no must-see artists around, but there were performances enough to make the whole thing worthwhile.

That said, I doubt I’ll go to the festival next year unless there are some must-see artists. And even then I think I’ll just go to the days they will perform and not buy a full three day pass.

Mio had the curse of being one of the first performers of the day (small audience), but her half an hour set was good.

Shame gave some good old English punk rock to the festival, although their song list did get a bit monotonic towards the end.

3TM’s performance alone was great enough, but adding “3D” visuals to the mix made the gig a truly one of a kind happening.

Kedr Livanskiy’s music could have been described as what if Grimes would have born in Russia instead of Canada.

Great jazz performance from Kamasi Washington and his gang.

St. Vincent delivered a very posh and robotic stage performance.


I’ve tried to make this autumn a bit more active than usual, so I’ve been going to some courses on cooking and drawing. The most interesting course however was last weekend doing graphic art with slates of pvc plastic. It woke up the long hibernating interest towards drawing and for a long time I was doing something that felt good to do.

I have no idea what to actually do with these, though.


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