Turning my attention back to the music

Been listening to CD albums lately through my trusty old – slighty malfunctioning – portable CD player.

I’ve always loved listening to music, but lately I’ve been quite active in borrowing CD albums from the local library again, as well as occasionally giving in and buying second-hand vinyls.

While Spotify is the ultimate source of music in terms of catalog size, I still enjoy exploring and discovering new and old albums in a physical form factor. Listening to CDs makes me skim and skip less, allowing me to better pay attention to the music. And then there are the linear notes and even lyrics to study from the inlays. Oh what the majority of the listeners are missing from sticking only to streaming music these days.

One of the few albums I’ve bought lately. Visage’s second album The Anvil. Very happy with this one.

The vinyl craze hasn’t calmed down either. The latest vinyl’s I’ve bought are heavily gothic EPs (Sisters of Mercy, Fields of the Nephilim, etc.). One day I just walked into a local record store I don’t think I’ve ever entered before and to my surprise there was a bunch of these releases I thought were hard to come by, so I bought them just in case. The nice thing about buying this stuff is that I can always resell them (at least in theory).

Ex Machina soundtrack: excellent headphone ambient music.

In addition to buying vinyl, I’ve found myself buying CDs too. Well, recently just one, which is the movie Ex Machina’s soundtrack. Great ambient music, along the lines of Cliff Martinez’s Solaris soundtrack I thinks. I actually ordered that soundtrack on CD too, but the reseller has hinted it might be out of stock. We shall wait and see.

Apparently this 1962 hit was also Margaret Thatcher’s favourite. The stuff you learn while researching music.

One interesting pastime during the Christmas holidays was to listen to my parent’s own record collection. While we have pretty much nothing in common in musical taste what they listened to back in the 60s and 70s, is was highly interesting to educate myself what was popular back then (other than Elvis and the Carpenters). Will explore in the future too.

Mopo jazzing out at the We Jazz Festival. Good set.

Since music doesn’t only come recorded, I also went to see some We Jazz Festival live shows a while back. One at Ääniwalli and another at Korjaamo. I think the one I enjoyed most was the duo show by Timo Lassy and Teppo Mäkynen. They really let themselves fly away. The festival also underlined how versatile jazz is as a genre: the scope especially at Ääniwalli ranged pretty much from serene ambient to chaotic all-out noise. And yeah, I bought a couple of vinyl singles as a souvenir.

So, music. This might be something I could focus on to give this blog some kind of raison d’être for the time being. We will see, just a moment ago I ordered two CD and one LP album plus a band t-shirt.

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