Dark days ahead

Fog over Kaivopuisto park.

Fog over Kaivopuisto park.

Clocks got turned, days get darker sooner. Let’s write something here for a change too.

My new daily free time activity is now watching much praised The Sopranos TV-series. I’m only halfway of season two, but so far it has been pretty good. No, the story is not as tight as The Wire, but I guess not many TV-series can top that anyway. Not many lovable characters in this series though.

I also decided to advance to the next class of yoga, which brought just the right amount of new stretches to the mix. The beginners class was getting a bit boring.

Otherwise, nothing much special happening lately. My Flickr Pro account expired today and for the first time in eight years I have no plans in renewing it since I haven’t really been that active enough there to make it worthwhile.

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