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The Highlands and the free falls

Time marches forward and doesn’t care if you are tagging along or not. I haven’t been using my time in a most optimal fashion, but I did make some achievements. I visited Scotland after some 30 years, which was nice. Great landscapes there (no trees blocking the view helped). I also made some day trips … [ read more » ]

The return of the game controller

This summer has been quite hot, which is nothing to complain about in Finland. Bearing this in mind, it is quite odd that during this time of year when being outdoors is very enjoyable, I still ended up buying a game console and soon after that a television too. Well, as a former owner of … [ read more » ]

Vacation mode

The past two weeks I’ve been on vacation, hence the lack of updates here. The vacation plan itself has been a fail safe one by being mostly at the country side. I also made a quick ferry visit to Stockholm so that I can claim I was abroad too, even if it was for just … [ read more » ]

Built-in hazy skies

Found a gimmicky but fun shooting option from my Canon point-and-shoot camera called “color switch”. Basically I select a color with my camera and choose another one the camera will swap it into. It’s a cheap trick but it actually turned out to be quite fun to use! Sure, it is something that can be … [ read more » ]