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Back to film

Earlier this autumn I dug up my old soviet Zenit slr-camera and bought a roll of black and white film. I actually have two Zenit bodies, but I wasn’t sure which one of them leaked light inside, so I was pretty much snapping photos just to get them developed so that I can see the … [ read more » ]

Photoshop scrubs

I’m throwing in some images I fooled around with Photoshop a few months ago. I call these kinds of images I make “scrubs”, image files that don’t have any purpose other than practicing different kinds of effects with varying success. In these particular scrubs I was focused on photo retouching (playing with colours and contrast … [ read more » ]

Few summer photos

Relaxing lake scenery

I just uploaded some photos I took while in the countryside. Not that many this time around as I tend not to take photos that I feel I’ve already taken before. I really should reinvent my style of photography somehow. Maybe it will happen now since I broke my trusty EF 35mm f2.0 lens, which … [ read more » ]