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Autumn writings

The (quite strange) year is winding down, so time to write down some random thoughts again just for show. David Bowie’s new single Blackstar is in my mind one of the best tracks he has released for some twenty years. It is unusual, yet very listenable and I totally dig the music video too. In … [ read more » ]

Festivals in Helsinki

I wasn’t planning to go to one of the biggest festivals in Helsinki, known as Flow Festival, but after realizing I haven’t been there for five long years and I was dying of plain boredom during the weekend, I changed my mind and bought a Sunday ticket. I have to say that the festival has … [ read more » ]

Holding back

Saw Fields of the Nephilim last weekend. They were one of the first gothic bands I listened to back some twenty years ago,  so it was great to finally experience their music live, even though I wasn’t much of a fan of their newer material. One thing I did regret about the gig was first … [ read more » ]

Music listening sessions

Recent activities have been related to music. Last weekend I went to see Eva & Manu at Gloria. Nice gig, just as expected. I’ve seen them once before back in the summer of 2011 pretty much by accident, as I was called there on a short notice to photograph the gig by a friend who … [ read more » ]

Wire and visual noise

Time, it moves. Time for a blog entry. I finished the fourth and fifth season of The Wire. They were good, but not as good as the first three ones in my opinion (I didn’t find Marlo’s gang to be that interesting and the plot was starting to fall apart anyway). Still, very good tv-series. … [ read more » ]

Loyal servant of music listening

I started wondering how long I’ve actually had my trusty Samsung YP-F1 mp3-player and it turned out I bought it during the summer of 2005. That’s almost seven years ago! The 1 gigabyte player cost me about 175 euros back then. A similar Samsung product now on sale with 2 gigabytes costs 35 euros (of … [ read more » ]