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History lectures and casual entertainment

Trying out something new – open university This autumn I’ve been going to history lectures at the open university of Helsinki. Recently I’ve been interested in history, but I have a very bad overview of it. I might know snippets of trivia here and there, but I have trouble with the bigger picture. I’m hoping … [ read more » ]

Autumn air

So we are already halfway of September, it can be felt in cool morning air. After a pause from video gaming, I found myself playing X-COM: Enemy Unknown again. It is a tactical game where the player leads an near future secret defense organization from an unknown alien invasion on earth. I seem to like … [ read more » ]

Movies, photos and dancing

So it is September. Summer is bowing out and autumn preparing to take the stage. I went to see an old classic (which I wasn’t actually aware of) named Koyaanisqatsi, which probably turned out to be the best film I’ve seen this year. The film didn’t have a storyline in the traditional sense, but more … [ read more » ]

Moving pictures

Movies. I’ve been watching Hollywood movies lately. Ten in total. Contagion (a static observation how today’s society would function during a deadly pandemic), Broken Flowers (a very odd take on relationships during life), Crash (small, intersecting social and racial strains among the people of Los Angeles), Anna Karenina (movie adaption of Tolstoy’s novel), Brokeback Mountain … [ read more » ]

Cake skill unlocked

Time of truth, so what have I’ve been up to lately? Have I been active like I’ve aimed to be? Or have I just let a week just slip away? Questions that have been circling around everyone’s head ever since I started this blogging project. Pretty much the highlight of the week must be the … [ read more » ]