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Signs of activity

This blog was been left stone cold for too long. Time to whip a few lines of words on the digital canvas. Way back I went to a dark room course. While it wasn’t the first one I’ve been to, it was still fun to go through the motions once again. It truly is an … [ read more » ]

Holding back

Saw Fields of the Nephilim last weekend. They were one of the first gothic bands I listened to back some twenty years ago,  so it was great to finally experience their music live, even though I wasn’t much of a fan of their newer material. One thing I did regret about the gig was first … [ read more » ]

Cake skill unlocked

Time of truth, so what have I’ve been up to lately? Have I been active like I’ve aimed to be? Or have I just let a week just slip away? Questions that have been circling around everyone’s head ever since I started this blogging project. Pretty much the highlight of the week must be the … [ read more » ]

Activity year

At the start of the year I was thinking about starting a new one-photo-a-day 365-project, but that failed right after I forgot to take a shot of the second day. So much for that, then. I still want to have some “theme” for the year and since in my previous post I wrote about just … [ read more » ]

New waters

Nope, haven’t been that active in this blog department lately, have I? Things have happened behind the scenes, such as starting a new job and a new interesting hobby. So things are going well. Maybe I’ll write more about my hobby later on if I feel like it. I also bought a new lens a … [ read more » ]