Everything related to photography. That counts photoshop as well.

Signs of activity

This blog was been left stone cold for too long. Time to whip a few lines of words on the digital canvas. Way back I went to a dark room course. While it wasn’t the first one I’ve been to, it was still fun to go through the motions once again. It truly is an … [ read more » ]

New gear and some kind of reward

The weeks go by these days at such a pace even months seem to fly by on their own. First things first, I now own a turntable. Not the most inexpensive one available, but not the most expensive option I also considered. I ended up with a Rega Planar 1, which has been widely considered … [ read more » ]

Alternative April photo set

Continuing the now questionable tradition of posting a monthly alternative set for last year’s 365-project, many of these photos are rather generic snapshots. I guess these were the first signs of project fatigue. Lately I’ve been trying to revive my photography hobby by carrying my camera with me more often and indeed I have been … [ read more » ]

Alternative March photo set

Here is another alternative set for last year’s 365-project, this one covering March. I’ve barely touched my compact camera lately, which underlines how effective the 365-project really was. I do see scenarios where I might have taken a shot, but I have to say that the iPhone’s camera is as expected pretty lousy compared to … [ read more » ]

Alternative February photo set

I’ve hardly taken any photos with my compact camera lately and the ones I’ve taken with my smart phone are mostly lazy snapshots. Instead I’ll try to hide the void by making another alternative set for last year’s 365-project, this time for February. All photos were taken around Helsinki. Yup, a rather grey shaded month … [ read more » ]

Alternative January photo set

So, I took a lot of photos during the 365-project. Enough to notice a year later that I could make a completely alternative set for last January if the original choices wouldn’t have happened at all. Interested in seeing the alternative set? Too bad, I’m showing you anyway. Some are pretty generic photos, but there … [ read more » ]