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Topics related to designing and creating web sites.

The final days of the old Internet Explorer regime

Almost three years ago, after publishing the current theme for this site, I wrote about the typical headaches Internet Explorer 6 caused and wished it would go away from bothering us web designers. Imagine, that browser was still relevant only two or three years ago! Well, years rolled on and now I hardly even test … [ read more » ]

Back online

If you tried to visit the merciful house during the past week, you have noticed it hasn’t been possible. Also, if you have tried to send e-mails directed to addresses under this domain, they have bounced back to you undelivered. The reason behind this is that I decided to move the domain under a new … [ read more » ]

Troublesome IE6

Now that the house is more or less up and running, this would be a good moment to write down some thoughts and facts that occurred during the design phase. I won’t get too detailed (since I have already forgotten some of them), but let me dive right away into the most common problem all … [ read more » ]

Version seven

Here we go again. After a few months living with a static web-page, I finally decided to break the silence and built a new layout powered by WordPress. Old visitors might notice that the graphical layout has remained much the same as in the previous one (which was powered by MovableType). I untypically decided to … [ read more » ]