Hues of blueish nature

Spent Christmas at Koli, one of the most scenic places in Finland. A little foggy this time however.

The pandemic’s first anniversary in Finland is soon and I’ve personally been working away from the office for around 11 months now. In a way I’ve got used to this form of work habit, although unable to do that much outside of work is still a bummer.

As far as I know I haven’t caught the virus myself, which is a good thing. Might be a long time until I get a vaccine though. Well, at least the days are getting progressively longer and brighter now. Less than four months it will be summer!

Living in exile

I’ve had my own twist of adventure by living in a temporary apartment in another district in Helsinki because my original rental apartment is under a major renovation, making it impossible to live there for awhile.

Although the temporary apartment has its problems, the surrounding area is a galore of nature and sea shores in all directions of the compass. Add the situation of experiencing one of the most snowiest winters in recent memory, taking long walks has been a welcomed pastime (even though I usually have no clear idea of my destination).

A flat scenery I quite like near my temporary apartment.

Sometimes while taking a long walk, I’ve been listening to podcasts and a radio theater series of Mika Waltari’s The Egyptian that was originally broadcast back in 1982. I don’t know what liberties the theater version has taken from the novel, but there is some pretty good voice acting in it.

Since I could only move the essential stuff to my temporary apartment, I’ve been living without some luxuries like television and a hi-fi system. This has gently given me time to focus on reading an old book that contains short stories by various writers with the general topic about seamen. Pretty interesting descriptions of life at the sea back in the old days.

Argentinian EBM and several ways to approach Helsinki and Finland

I haven’t listened to a lot of new music, but for some reason a random discovery on Bandcamp of an album by Balvanera has been on constant repeat lately. Maybe the stripped down sound fits my mood right now.

Sometimes I watch a movie here and there on a streaming service called Mubi (there was a very good subscription offer I couldn’t pass). There are a lot of movies to choose from, but I have to admit Yle’s Areena still can offer a solid set of movies too for free (well, for my tax money). I was quite surprised by Jörn Donner’s old documentary movies of Helsinki and Finland. Good stuff.

So although the past year has been difficult (which bothers me as the year before this one was far from a good one too), small flashes of enjoyment do happen regularly. Let’s see how this year folds out.

The city I’ve lived in for the past few decades as seen from the east.

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