Hot summer memories

I have no idea what I’m going to write, so I’ll just let the fingers on the keyboard to its thing.

This hot, hot summer has been … well, hot. No need for a raincoat, even though I did buy one in the beginning of the season (it was on sale). During my vacation I went to two music festivals I haven’t been to before: Tuska in Helsinki and Ilosaarirock in Joensuu.

Hallatar performing live at Tuska (and someone else taking a photo too).

While I can’t say I’m a devoted festival fan (I don’t get drunk or sleep in a tent), it was nice to see a wide range of new bands I haven’t seen live, let alone never heard of. Next up would be the Flow Festival, maybe I’ll have to grab a three day ticket for that occasion too. Beats sitting at home (unless it is raining).

One of the tents at Ilosaarirock in Joensuu.

I also visited roleplaying convention RopeCon after a few year break. Didn’t play anything there, but there were plenty of interesting panel discussions and presentations to make it worthwhile (such as cybersecurity and history of middle-age armour).

Even before summer I visited relatives in Mallorca. I’ve knew beforehand that the island is rather crowded with tourists these days, but the amount still did surprise me considering it wasn’t even high season yet. It made me think about sustainable traveling more and how much can a community take before losing its own local culture people come to see in the first place.

Somewhere in the northern coast of Mallorca.

That was a quick look at the recent past. In a broader perspective I feel I’ve passed a point a very long time ago, where I should have done some major changes in my life plan. I’ve stalled in life, perhaps even gone backwards in some respects. But, change is still possible and there is still a lot to gain.

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