New gear and some kind of reward

The weeks go by these days at such a pace even months seem to fly by on their own.

First things first, I now own a turntable. Not the most inexpensive one available, but not the most expensive option I also considered. I ended up with a Rega Planar 1, which has been widely considered a good entry model to start with vinyl.

I finally own a turntable. It does what expected: gets sounds out of a long groove on a vinyl record.

Personally I haven’t been blown away by its performance, but it might well be that my AV-amplifier and old speakers do not do justice to the potential it has (or maybe the cartridge needs to be upgraded). Alternatively, it was all just British media hype to support their local manufacturers. I wouldn’t be one bit surprised if that was the case.

It has been ups and downs with the new hobby so far. Sometimes I wonder why I even bother and yet there are times when I seem favor listening to music rather in analog than digital, despite the hassle.

Of course this is an expensive pastime, since even old vinyls can easily cost more than new ones. I think I have around twenty vinyl records now and I seem to visit record stores in a weekly basis (thankfully I do not always buy something). On one occasion a new record was full of pops and cracks, but the replacement was much better. You never know what you get with this format.

One cool thing is that local libraries have joined the vinyl revival,  so not always I’ll need to open my wallet to listen to new music through a turntable. The selection is obviously quite limited, but it still exists.

One cool discovery I’ve made in the library was material by Erkki Kurenniemi, a Finnish pioneer in electro music (among other things). This record was an odd mashup of Circle jam sessions and Erkki’s personal voice diary takes.

I also went to see electronic band Carpenter Brut live. I have barely heard one track from them, but I thought it might be something interesting to see live. And it was something a bit different with splatter movie clips playing in the background and a pretty straightforward heavy set, but the music turned out to be a little thin on ideas. I guess that is why they didn’t bother with an encore.

Carpenter Brut at the Circus, Helsinki.

The venue the Circus also proved to be a terrible place after a show is over, as it takes ages to get your coat due to very long waiting lines. Will think twice should I go see a show there from here on.

I also dug out my old Canon EOS 400D SLR-camera and took a walk in the nice spring evening in Helsinki. Still a solid camera considering it is over ten years old!


I rarely talk about work in this blog, but I guess I’ll have to mention this since these kinds of things don’t happen often. We (the company where I work) won (as a client who ordered the project from a design and production company) some domestic annual prize (best web service in Finland last year). Of course I was “just” one of many players in a big team, but none the less it was a team effort in a challenging project that resulted in a notable acknowledgement.

My few seconds of glory (then back to work as usual).

If there is one thing the reward reminded me about, it is that I should remember to stop more often to admire the work done instead of staring and fixing problems all the time. They will never end.

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