To Lisbon and back again

So I was at the Web Summit in Lisbon a week ago. It was packed with people (around 50,000 attendees), there were lots of stages with speakers and plenty of stands too. It was nice to see what a major international tech conference looks and feels like, but honestly speaking it didn’t make me a new man or even inspire in a major way. The speeches and talks I listened to were mostly quite generic and didn’t offer anything special than what I can read from articles online.

I therefor suspect I wasn’t the optimal person to hang around there, as I wasn’t an entrepreneur, start-up guy, social media addict or a manager of anything in my company that could have made any meaningful networking in the evening parties. Been there, done that, anyway.

This was the most mind blowing presentation. BabyX is a project there AI is given a face.

This was the most mind blowing presentation at Web Summit. BabyX is a project there AI is given a face.

But enough about work. Lisbon itself was a nice and relaxed city, though I wasn’t able to get much out of it during my stay other than just wandering around the streets on my vacation day after the conference. Maybe another time with a travel plan.

Lisbon scenery as been from the castle.

Lisbon scenery as seen from the castle.

Back in Helsinki, I saw two concerts at rock venue Tavastia. The first one was electronic smart dance duo Autechre. It was different kind of electronic music, but too arty and vague to get any grasp of enjoyment from it. I could hardly even see the guys since the hall was pitch dark apparently in order to let the audience focus on the music. I pity the ones who didn’t have any ear protection that night.

The other band on a later night was Japanese prog-rock-whatever band Boris. I saw them back in 2008 and it was great to see they were still in shape. They delivered a loud and raw show (playing their praised Pink album in full) and the crowd responded well, even with occasional mosh pits during the heavier moments. Solid gig, I only regret I didn’t buy a Boris t-shirt afterwards.

Wata's gear (Boris' guitarist).

Wata’s gear (Boris’ guitarist).

In more general terms however, this autumn hasn’t been a great one. There are problems I haven’t been willing to fix even though it hampers with my overall mood every day. But every day is a new opportunity to change to script. Maybe one day then, eventually.

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