Resetting ambitions

Riding the train

One extended weekend I decided to do a small tour around Southern Finland (Turku, Tampere and Hämeenlinna). Trains were used.

In my previous post I wrote about my plans “falling apart”. I wasn’t playing the bass guitar as much as in the beginning and not getting results in the gym that would keep me motivated. Well, I probably haven’t touched the bass since that last post and maybe been only twice at the gym.

I started questioning why exactly am I doing these things for? I have no grand plan where playing the bass guitar should take me and I’m pretty happy with my body as is. I’m not suffering from any overweight and I have no interest in body building.

What I’m looking for now is just slow down for a moment. Take it easy and just concentrate on not rushing from one thing to the next and getting anxious of what to do. I think that is one major problem I haven’t taken seriously: being stressed of filling the gaps of free time when there really isn’t any obligation to do so.

One small change I did recently was clearing my smart phone from all useless clutter apps, disabling a bunch of notifications and slimming down the amount of app screens to only two (the front page with the essential apps and the second page with the rest wrapped in folders).

I think this arrangement combined with the active use of Forest App freed me some time and thought from mindlessly jumping from one app to another with no agenda. There is a great article related to this that caused me to react.

Another thing I’ve been doing is using the Pocket service to download interesting articles to my e-book reader Kobo. It sure feels better to read internet articles in a park than from a computer screen at home or at work.

I also got back into the habit of meditating, thank goodness for that.

I’ll end this post with a fascinating video of what the future might look like in a world of augmented reality, internet of things and chat bots. Oh, and advertising to the extreme. Scary.


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