The return of the game controller

I've been holding this in my hand recently in the evenings.

I’ve been holding this in my hands recently in the evenings.

This summer has been quite hot, which is nothing to complain about in Finland. Bearing this in mind, it is quite odd that during this time of year when being outdoors is very enjoyable, I still ended up buying a game console and soon after that a television too.

Well, as a former owner of the original PlayStation and PS2, it was only a matter of time I would buy the PlayStation 3. I was only waiting for the games mature enough for the console and the price of the console to drop enough (just like I did with PS2). So when I noticed in a store that I could get one for 150 euros (with two games), it just sort of happened.

Very well, I also bought an extra controller and a hard drive mounting bracket, but it still was a fair deal. But it didn’t take long for me to realize when I was playing through my computer screen that I would need a proper TV to enjoy video games as intended: lying on a sofa. So much for a cheap investment!

Deciding on which flat screen television would be the best of value was highly frustrating. After much wondering, I ended up buying a Sony 42-inch W6-series television after seeing it on display at a store and was convinced enough by its display quality and slim design. Some might say it wasn’t the best option, but it will do for me (and I’ve been very happy with it so far).

I haven’t had a TV in use for over three years, so it is quite clear that such a device changes leisure habits, especially with a game console connected to it. I don’t take it as a bad thing, since this is one way to release my thoughts from trivial problems not worth constant attention.

Even so, I’ve still been keen to enjoy the sun and the warmth of summer outdoors. I simply know all too well that it will soon be over again and during the dark winter period I’ll have plenty of time to stare at the TV screen.

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