Summer phase

I just did a short running session and I was surprised how smoothly it went. I guess those yoga sessions are starting to take effect. I haven’t noticed any major improvements yet in flexibility (or in the state of mind), but my breathing was become slightly deeper. Or at least I haven’t been able to fill my lungs so fully before. I hope this isn’t some placebo effect.

So it certainly looks like yoga is worth the time for now. There are still some poses I simply can’t do because my back and legs are too stiff to bend too far forward, but I’m hopeful maybe by the end of summer things have changed. And speaking of summer, it pretty much is in full swing now. Lovely thing.

In the other news, I bought a room plant. Was thinking about one for months, but now I finally managed to buy one. I didn’t even bother memorizing what it actually is, but I’ll just have to hope we get along fine.

My new roommate.

My new roommate. We hardly talk to each other. I take it as a good sign.


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