Stretching sessions

Spring has pretty much arrived now. I really enjoy the clear increase in sunlight, the cool temperatures and rain don’t bother me that much.

Lately I’ve found myself trying out yoga, but instead of doing it in a group with a teacher, I’ve been doing it alone at home with the assistance of an application I downloaded maybe two years ago out of curiosity and quickly forgot about it. A rather nerdy way to start exercising, I know.

Downward-facing dog

I’ve been doing this pose a lot lately. Or more like trying, I’m still too stiff to do it as shown.

I’m not saying it is perfect app, way far from it, but I’ve been surprisingly consistent in going through the sessions. First I took 30 minute sessions, now 45 minute long ones. Even though I take “beginner” sessions, there still are some intermediate moves that are pretty hard to do (like the scale and crow).

Luckily YouTube is full of video tips, but clearly I’ll have to join a class sooner or later just to make sure am I doing the most basic moves right. But even if I’m doing everything wrong, it sure beats surfing the internet at least.

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