Short break

Since Ascension Day is a public holiday, I decided to take Friday free from work too, allowing myself a long weekend with absolutely no plans. I just wanted to let myself take a break from work and just be for a moment.

I still had to do some small out-of-my-day-job web projects, but luckily they were minor incidents and didn’t eat too much of my time. Most of the actual free time went just walking around, watching television, playing board games, seeing people and taking random day naps (awfully nice, those). This morning I woke up feeling slightly unchained from all the problems I’ve been dragging with me. A break was truly in order, then.

In terms of activity, I will be joining a beginner’s yoga course next weekend, just as planned in my previous post. It will be interesting to see what I make of it.


Slowly I’m progressing with the novel I bought last month.

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