Entering Yoga

I'll must likely be doing these poses for awhile.

I’ll must likely be doing these poses for awhile.

This weekend I took an Ashtanga Yoga beginner’s class at a nearby yoga school. It was divided into three days and went through the familiarizing the basic moves, sequences (such as the Sun Salution) and naturally general information of yoga. It was well worth the time. Now I can go to the very beginner yoga sessions at the school, which I’m quite eager to do.

I’m not interested in making complicated poses, I’m just aiming to get enough flexibility so that I can touch my toes with relative ease and improve my core fitness. Of course, if it also helps to clear my mind too I wouldn’t complain a bit. I’ve tried zen mediation and tea ceremony to help me grab that awareness of the present, but unfortunately results have been slim. Maybe yoga and a bit of sweat could do the trick.

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