Time Lapsing

Time Lapse

Thumbnails of timelapse tape in iMovie.

I’ve owned an old Canon IXUS compact camera for over five years and only now I noticed I can take time lapse videos with it. I’ve always been interested in these kinds of videos, so naturally I’ve been fiddling around trying out different shots like day breaks, street traffic and tea leaves opening up in a cup.

Okay, so I can take time lapse shots easily, but obviously getting nice shots requires long shooting sessions and good planning in advance. Lately the below freezing point temperatures haven’t been that tempting for outdoor shooting. Not that I have a problem with the cold, but I think the camera itself might not handle that.

Even so, I did manage to take some shots during the weekend when it first snowed a lot and then afterwards the sun came up.

As you might notice, the video quality isn’t that great. Of course, I could take time lapse videos with my iPod Touch as well and perhaps it might produce better videos, but for now I prefer using my compact camera instead (maybe because I can zoom into things).

I close this post with another time lapse video. In this one you can watch wrapped white tea leaves slowly (or since this is a time lapse video, quickly) open up in a cup of hot water. Is it fascinating, I leave it up to you.

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