Holding back

Saw Fields of the Nephilim last weekend. They were one of the first gothic bands I listened to back some twenty years ago,  so it was great to finally experience their music live, even though I wasn’t much of a fan of their newer material.

One thing I did regret about the gig was first watching it from the balcony of the venue. Even though the band was fairly close with a perfectly clear view, it felt wrong to watch a band you like downwards. Coming down to the floor level changed this annoyance just as expected once they were elevated above you (not to mention that the light show looked completely different).

Otherwise I haven’t been up to much lately. I know this is supposed to be an activity year (and I should be blogging about it here), but apparently I’m still holding back mentally, psychically and socially. Watching movies and listening to music at home and in venues is something I do anyways.

I did have a go with indoor climbing and will most likely try it again soon (I already bought my own climbing shoes), but I need to find a regular exercise practice to improve my modest fitness condition in general. Maybe yoga or pilates could do the trick. Or just a pair of dumbbells.

I sense a need to travel somewhere in order to give my mind a breather (I haven’t stepped in a plane for four years!). I’ve been thinking about making a short visit to an European city, but naturally thoughts on Japan are also present. Doesn’t really matter where I go in the end. I just need to get out of Finland for a moment.

We shall see how these plans evolve.

True to my tradition of adding unrelated photos into posts, here are a few more black and white edits I found lying in my folders. Subjects are random.

By the way. Writing in English is fun, but time consuming as I seem to weight and edit almost every wording I type down here. Maybe I should switch into Finnish sometimes and see would it make any difference.

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